Who is EC&EC?

EC&EC (E–Claims & Eligibility Connect) is a division of Dental Systems, Inc. and we're the exclusive distributor for ClaimX in Texas and Oklahoma! Service available in over 36 states!

EC&EC is a lower cost alternative than submitting claims through your practice management system (typically 50 cents). You'll like our reports, ‘real time’ eligibility connections, prompt service, free training, and it's compatible with NEA & most major practice management software.

Need help on a temporary or permanent basis to track and follow up on aging claims? While working a client's old claims (dating back nearly a year), we refiled, collected, posted/deposited over $29,000 in just a couple weeks! The quicker pended claims are resolved the better for you and the patients involved. Unless requested otherwise, we work the oldest claims and move forward. Let our experienced team dig in and ‘get to the bottom’ of your unpaid claims! We're very time conscious, and work smart/diligently so your ROI is high for claims follow up. When you have someone devoted to doing nothing but resolving your old claims, the checks literally come rolling in. We charge on a per hour basis rather than a percentage of the claim like many companies. ‘Claims Follow up’ can be used in conjunction with E–Claims, other services we offer, or a la carte.

Your Time is Your Money

We understand time is money. The more time you spend on billing and insurance issues, the less time you have for patients. We have the latest technology to help reduce administrative time on claims and can increase front office efficiency while hepling to manage your patient's insurance